CNET vs Reality


Less click baity title, one would hope, but yeah… no… this title pretty much speaks volumes regarding CNET and it’s grasp on reality in regards to the video game industry. You see, the latest article (snicker) that they’ve concocted is a base line, ‘the poor video game industry getting dumped on by the malicious evil Youtubers who can’t stop making 10 minute videos attacking developers and corporations.’ (Sigh) So… oh boy, I can’t wait to talk about how wrong these wonder fucks are.

I don’t hide the fact that I was a member of GamerGate, it’s a badge I’m proud to wear, not for the (oh you hate wamon) because… that was a thing… But because I fought for better journalism, one that, I hoped, would be free of, my new personal favorite three letter abbreviation, C.C.N. Which stands for Collusion, Corruption, and Nepotism, that worked out so well, no really… no sarcasm. You see, video game journalism is still piss poor at best. There is still favoritism, there’s corruption, and yes, we have collusion, the difference is we all know about it, and whenever we see a clear example of this, gamers shed so much light on it that journo’s now have to get sunblock. So when I say fuck traditional game journalism, and… in some cases as we will read below, fuck traditional media in general, you know where I’m coming from.

One interesting CNET journo, one Ian Sheer, decided, no, I would rather attack my competition than tell the truth about the video game industry. Although, few better than me would not release this person’s name or article, I’ve decided, fuck it, he want’s attention, then he should get full credit for this garbage fire of an article. The first talking point here is what he really thinks of youtubers.


I mean, I haven’t seen a 10 minute video of most of the people he mentions, but okay, way to misrepresent. CNET only hires the top talent that forgot that research section in college.

Let’s pick apart this piece by piece here: Find something to be angry about? Okay, like how forced arbitration is being pushed on developers Ian? How about how Corporations like EA or Epic Games ignore labor laws and force devs to work 100 hour work weeks Ian? Oh, I know, lets talk about how video games are working to get gambling into children Ian?!?! You mean those kinds of topics? Yeah… your right Ian, those stupid Youtubers becoming moral arbiters, what were they thinking? (again thats… that’s sarcasm)

Rant into a camera for 10 minutes: Because I made a point about this in the caption, but most of these youtubers spend hours, even days on a project. In fact I haven’t seen a ten minute video from most, if not all, of the people Ian mentions. So… way to spin a story.

Profit: Here’s a little nugget of info, Jim Sterling, one of the people Ian mentions, doesn’t have monitization for any of his video’s. I can’t speak for all, but when making a general statement like this, maybe more research is needed before running your mouth off online. Just advice from a blogger to an actual journalist, and that’s where the insult lies, I’m a blogger and I have more credibility that an actual journalist.

Reading further, Ian just seems butt hurt that gamers don’t like SJW’s and hates on The Quartering for not wanting politics in video games, Ian, buddy, 99.9% of gamers don’t want politics injected into video games. You could be Right Wing Captain Orange man, and if you try to inject those politics in gaming, we’d reform GamerGate to defend our neutrality, we’re literally Switzerland, you don’t fuck with us, and we won’t go on a crusade to end your media. (cough Gawker cough) That’s just how this works, it’s really that simple. But then you go all, ‘SJW’s are sooper best for all and those darn gamers don’t understand that we’re just diversifying.’ Now you have so much backlash that you need Neosporin for the whipping your gonna get from millions (thats millions with an M) of pissed off gamers because we don’t want anything to do with ANY politics, get that through your thick skulls SJW’s.

So, two cents time, ultimately the reason Ian is doing this is CNET is losing money, traditional media is being replaced by people who have better opinions based on fact. Where Journalists flounder, Youtubers thrive, and yes, there will be a day when traditional media dies, and I personally can’t wait till that happens. Why, because when we have flawed opinions of Journalists by the like of Ian Sheer, who don’t understand what the video game industry is actually doing (see The End) you then have baseless opinions to attack people who happen to just be trying to make the video game industry better. But try telling that to CNET, Vox, or NBC for that matter, nope, it’s those darn dirty Youtubers that make everyone’s lives worse. I think the funny thing is, it’s because the media can’t control Youtubers, and that in of itself, makes them dangerous to traditional media as a whole. That’s my two cents, and the giant NBC, can’t control me either, in fact, those guys can suck it for what it’s worth.


Even bad journalism needs links, so here you go.


The End



First of all, I want to say, this is just click bait for the sake of click bait in terms of titles. I know, not a lot of people like these types of titles, and no, I won’t change them. It’s always been my writers way of putting on a certain flair or theatrics into my writing. So if you don’t want to read what’s below, I won’t blame you, but TGGD ain’t gonna change because a few people have a problem with them. Furthermore, no this is not an announcement for the end of TGGD, and I know I’ve not posted much here mostly because I’ve got a ton of real life stuff going on, I’ve got a game in the works (if I ever finish the damn thing, that will be a wonder to behold) and I’ve still got mods to work on. My life is a never ending A.D.D. episode, pray you never become me because holy shit.

No, this has been bubbling for awhile, and I really wanted to talk about The End, as in, The End of the AAA video game industry. The road AAA game company’s travel is a road I feel will end in it’s demise, even if there are a number of people, that proclaim and defend the industry and it’s practices, I can not and will not allow these stories to go unknown. There are things in the AAA industry that need to be addressed, and I feel it unjust if I simply sit on the sidelines and let them happen. Yes, other Youtubers are covering this, many far better than I, but I still want to cover them, and although I might be late to the party, there’s one or two things I can add that may not have been touched upon… especially some things I found out about Gamestop recently, but there are far greater issues that need to be touched upon before we get there, starting with crunch.


So, crunch time, and lets talk about what crunch is because there are some reading this going what the fuck does Nestle have to do about what we’re talking about. Crunch is a term referred to as a period of game development where employers coerce their own employee’s to work longer hours. This can be anywhere from forcing people to work 50 to 100 hour work weeks, this can demoralize, and in many studies, actually decrease productivity overall. Usually crunch occurs near the end of game development, maybe the last 6 months to the last year depending on how far behind a video game may be in to reach a predetermined deadline. Though, in my research, I’ve found crunch can be prevalent during the entire game development, even past the end when there are small fixes or balancing issues that are constantly being worked out. Obviously this practice is illegal in the USA, but because video game developers are not a part of a union, it goes largely ignored. The list of stories include: (source from Polygon link Below. Sorry, I really do not like Polygon, but good on them for this, this is one of the few times I will actually give them credit where it’s due.)


Crunch, however which way you look at it, even light hartidly, plain sucks.

  • “I work an average 70 hours a week,” said one employee. “There’s probably at least 50 or even 100 other people at Epic working those hours. I know people who pull 100-hour weeks. The company gives us unlimited time off, but it’s almost impossible to take the time. If I take time off, the workload falls on other people, and no one wants to be that guy.
  • “I hardly sleep. I’m grumpy at home. I have no energy to go out. Getting a weekend away from work is a major achievement. If I take a Saturday off, I feel guilty. I’m not being forced to work this way, but if I don’t, then the job won’t get done.”
  • “I know some people who just refused to work weekends, and then we missed a deadline because their part of the package wasn’t completed, and they were fired,” said another source. “People are losing their jobs because they don’t want to work these hours.”
  • “We worked, typically, 50- or 60-hour weeks and upwards of 70-hour weeks on occasion,” one source who worked as a contractor in QA said. “If I got to the end of an eight-hour workday and I turned to my supervisor to ask if I needed to stay on, they’d often look at me as if I was actively stupid. Officially, you don’t have to keep working, but in reality: ‘Sit back down, we’ll be here for a while.’ If you did not do overtime, that was a mark against your character.”

That’s just at Epic Games, but this problem is rampant across almost every AAA video game studio. Electronic Arts for example, had a spouse write an open letter regarding crunch. (again, Links are always down below)

  • Within weeks production had accelerated into a ‘mild’ crunch: eight hours six days a week. Not bad. Months remained until any real crunch would start, and the team was told that this “pre-crunch” was to prevent a big crunch toward the end; at this point any other need for a crunch seemed unlikely, as the project was dead on schedule. I don’t know how many of the developers bought EA’s explanation for the extended hours; we were new and naive so we did. The producers even set a deadline; they gave a specific date for the end of the crunch, which was still months away from the title’s shipping date, so it seemed safe. That date came and went. And went, and went. When the next news came it was not about a reprieve; it was another acceleration: twelve hours six days a week, 9am to 10pm.
  • The stress is taking its toll. After a certain number of hours spent working the eyes start to lose focus; after a certain number of weeks with only one day off fatigue starts to accrue and accumulate exponentially. There is a reason why there are two days in a weekend — bad things happen to one’s physical, emotional, and mental health if these days are cut short. The team is rapidly beginning to introduce as many flaws as they are removing.
  • And the kicker: for the honor of this treatment EA salaried employees receive a) no overtime; b) no compensation time! (‘comp’ time is the equalization of time off for overtime — any hours spent during a crunch accrue into days off after the product has shipped); c) no additional sick or vacation leave.

Bioware, Rockstar Games, Bethesda, the horror stories continue for every single one working under the boot of one of these companies. Blizzard, for example, doesn’t even pay enough for it’s employees for where they are currently based, (Irvine California) some employee’s have to live with others just to make ends meet. Many have secondary jobs such as Uber drivers. The statement from Activision/Blizzard is ‘We pay the industry standard’, but if your based in a high upkeep area, then the standard is absolute shit. It doesn’t end there however because this is on top of Activision/Blizzard not paying any taxes, and in fact, due to the new tax laws, we the people, are paying them for the hefty tax return they get. They made $447 MILLION dollars in profit in 2018, and got $228 MILLION back from the US Government. This is also on top of layoff’s from Activision to Blizzard even after reporting record sales, which… the actual fuck!?! No, I’m not kidding, about 8% of Blizzards work force or in other terms, about 800 people got laid off.

The abuse that the AAA industry has done, is amazing, and I can’t imagine why CNN or Fox News, or hell, fucking John Oliver doesn’t cover this. Seems like it would be his thing, but because it doesn’t rank up their next to school shooter has X link to video game, this sort of employee abuse isn’t covered. Thus this blog, Youtube, or the occasional video game Journalist, will be the only ones covering this, and that’s a bloody shame because, I haven’t even begun to touch the horror that is the AAA video game industry… that’s right folks, there’s more.


The cherry on top of this Shit Sunday is the tactics employed by these AAA Publishers, is games as a service. ‘What is Games as a Service?’ You may be asking, and good question my non-resistant reader. Games as a Service is typically charging people over time for digital goods and comes in a few forms. The first form of Games as a Service is known to many as Loot Boxes. Many Loot Boxes are a random chest or chests that you open and get randomized digital goods. In all cases, you usually have to pay real world cash to buy these chests, or the key to open these chests. (Quick add here, you can earn these items in game, meaning you don’t always have to pay cash, but in order to do that, you sometimes have to play weeks worth to get even a small amount of loot in these loot boxes.) The items in these chests are randomized, but there is rarity attached to all of the goods. Meaning if there is a particular armor/weapon/skin/ect. you want, if it’s a rare item, you may be paying a lot of cash to get it. These digital items can sell for real world currency as well.

Cortez MastoThe problem is, children, and I hate the, ‘Think of the children.’ Argument because it’s the dumbest argument you can make. We don’t live in Never Never Land, and kids will eventually grow the fudge up. However, this argument works here because we already have laws that prevent children from gambling, and that is exactly what is happening here. You have digital goods that pay out big time for the rare items that people are paying real money to get the good random drops. It’s like getting all 777 in a slot machine when a really rare unique item drops. Some of these items can give you a return in the thousands of dollars. There is even a rise of problem gamblers in the USA that took rise at the same time as the rise of Loot Box mechanics.

Not only that, but we have microtransactions, which are not as bad as Loot Boxes, but it’s still pretty shady. Basically a microtransactions is another form of Games as a Service, where the item isn’t randomized, but you still have to pay to get the item. This is a problem for a number of reasons, such as your paying to win/cheat. The list for these particular items could be an experience or performance boost, which grants your character in the game faster progression. The reason that this is shite, is that many of these games with microtransactions have mechanics that make the game arbitrarily grindy or not fun unless your paying for these items. In a sense, the AAA industry looked at the mobile market, and applied those lessons on top of charging its customers a $60 price tag. In many cases, the consumer is forced to pay, upwards of over $1000 per game if they even want to make it to the end of the game (within a reasonable amount of time) or receive all the items or digital goods a particular game has to offer.

Electronic Arts is a horrible offender here, in one instance, a 32 year old gamer paid over $16K in loot boxes for said FIFA. This is even after Electronic Arts said it wasn’t going to add microtransactions to some games but will still continue the process in future titles. This, in spite of laws in some European nations banning the practice as a whole, and if you think people would rather pay for this, nope. Thats because some people stateside have switched their settings to make EA think they’re from these European nations to avoid paying for microtransactions.


Yet, I’m still not done yet, because the video game industry has one more tale of greed to tell, specifically GameStop. In several instances, from a few youtube videos from people who work at GameStop, one tells a tale of GameStop ignoring State Laws regarding Pawn Shops. Which, if you didn’t know, you trade in your old games, in the state of Florida, that constitutes a Pawn Shop and GameStop has to follow those laws… Unless corporate decides it doesn’t want to, because thats exactly what seems to be happening. Granted I have a single source on this, so take this with a grain of salt, but it seems legit enough to post, so here we go on this train wreck.

The Story goes, that there was this guy who would constantly trade in 30 to 60 games a week for store credit. Obviously he was stealing, and he even admitted to the theft to a store manager, who then calls corporate to see what should be done. Corporate tells him to accept the games as is because that’s how the GameStop makes the majority of it’s money, from used games. You see, GameStop doesn’t make a lot of money on new games because a large percentage of that money gets paid to the Publisher/Developer (as it should be) but when GameStop sells used, they make 30% more. It’s because they’re reselling the game, and as such, technically, the Publisher/Developer already got paid. Issues abound, in the past, GameStop would often sell new games as used, and got caught over this. (which, they were forced to stop that practice altogether. I mean sell new games as used.)

Back on point, you have a video game retailer, ignoring state laws because it’s convenient for them. At this point, I’d be shocked, but… this really is light, based on what the rest of the AAA video game industry is doing.


The big question is, why is this happening in the AAA video game industry? It’s a simple and complex answer, greed. Not consumer greed, or corporate greed, though that plays a small part, it’s investor greed. You see, the industry is built more for investors, and Publishers/Developers need to see constant booming growth to catch and keep investors. Here we see Publishers pushing their Developers to do insane crunches, and build games with microtransactions or loot boxes or both because they aren’t building games for consumers anymore, they’re building games for investors. The $100 million you made this year better be $400 million next year, and the 400 million you make next year better be the $5 billion you make the year after that. It’s a never ending cycle of unreachable expectations the market demands on the video game industry, this in turn has the AAA Publishers push hard to reach. So, greed drives this market to do unimaginable and unethical things, and it’s going to keep getting worse.

This is why I say it’s ‘The End’ of the AAA industry, not because this goes beyond morals, or because I’m not the only one saying it, but because the AAA industry can’t sustain itself under this business model. Slow growth will always get you investors, maybe not at the speed you want but at a speed you can maintain. Not every AAA Publisher is pushing for these unethical practices, but almost all of them are. Many are changing their own business models because it has the potential of striking it big. The problem? The consumer doesn’t want it, and when you lose consumer trust, (which is a thing in investment) you seldom gain in back, which is my whole two cents. So my last question, ‘Is this The End of the AAA video game market?’ Maybe, maybe not, but I can’t help but think that we may very well be looking at the beginning of The End, at the very least, and that in of itself, is worth an article or two.


Polygons Epic Fortnight article:

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The Quartering regarding Blizzard:

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The Epic Problem


So, yeah, online Twitter arguments are the worst, the absolute worst, but sometimes they can lead to some… interesting new research and what I’ve discovered from the Epic Store is… well… interesting to say the least. Whats even more interesting is how very few people are covering this story. So, I decided I’d dust off ye old TGGD to cover something that needs to be talked about in length, because holy shit, sometimes the truth is scary.

The argument was simple, Epic Store hosts 85 million players on it’s storefront, this number, in of itself is impressive, and almost eclipses that of Valve’s Steam Store. I was shocked to find out that it gained this number in 4 months, and I latter found out that 40% of these users on Epic, (that’s 34 million people btw) have never used Steam. Now… let that sink in, because here’s where the argument is. I said I don’t believe the numbers, why? because it took 4 months to get there, but here they were and I’m to just believe those numbers. See… this is where I have to be a bit of a skeptic, and when I looked into it the next day… turns out, maybe… just maybe, a good portion of these numbers are fake accounts.

My research have uncovered a number of Reddit Posts, a steam page, and a few articles talking about this very thing. (links below) Reddit, though not truly something that should be considered accurate. When a number of links are talking about the same thing along with all the other evidence seems to make a better picture of what is actually going on. From a number of Reddit Posts the common theme is:

  1. User wants to buy a game they are interested on the Epic Store Front.
  2. They then try to make an account, which then asks for their email address.
  3. They try to use their email, only to discover that the email is in use.
  4. They check their email to see if Epic ever contacted them to verify only to find out they never got an email from Epic… at all.

Apparently, Epic doesn’t do the basic verification that all storefronts do, which is to VERIFY THAT YOU HAVE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. So anyone can just create an account in your name, pop that on the storefront and boom, they have a fake account. Now here’s the weird thing, a number of users are reporting that there’s nothing on these fake accounts, theirs no games, no user history, it’s just there. Thankfully, at this time, no user has had their credit card information stolen, that may change. (As far as I know, there could be, I just don’t know) I’m not sure why there are so many fake accounts on Epic, but I’m going to guess it’s to make them a viable store front equal to Steam.

This makes sense, since, almost overnight, the gained 85 million registered users that are almost equal to Steams 90 million. Lets now review why I think 85 million is a flat out lie. Epic’s Store Front has no regional pricing, this alone will prevent a lot of users even signing up, since going without regional pricing is a literal death sentence, your basically charging someone in… idk… Brazil to pay 236.39 for something that’s $60 in the USA. And Epic is saying they have 85 million people… WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE THEY because they aren’t coming from the Middle East where there isn’t even a store translation set. So yeah, I’m calling bogus on a store front that doesn’t feature a number of translations, and doesn’t have regional pricing in place. That’s going so far to say they launched a store without a number of features that a normal store front needs… such as a shopping cart.

I suspect, Epic’s numbers are closer to 51 million active users, and most of those are probably Fortnight players. I can speculate all day long, you could just as say Epic is innocent and a bunch of random hackers did this because they were bored. Or maybe they were fake accounts in case an individual got banned and can jump into a new account, or maybe there’s an online fake account trade going on in Epic. The major thing to note in all of this though, 85 million users that Epic boasts are not ACTIVE USERS, I found out these are registered users, where as Steam hasn’t posted its registered user numbers, but we know they boast 90 million ACTIVE. Meaning Steam probably has something closer to hundreds of millions of registered users, but I just don’t know.

In any event, my two cents is, I just don’t think Epic’s numbers are to be believed, they haven’t gained much trust with this exclusive nonsense, nor did they gain any trust with the information taken from Steam. That’s my two cents, and I’ll be using that on Steam thank you very much.


Steam Disscusion

Reddit links

News link

Accused of stealing info


Aliens Blackout is a mobile game…


Yep, Alien Blackout is a mobile game, yay…. You guys all have phones, right? RIGHT!?! RIGHT!?!? 2019 everyone, trying to outdo 2018. I can’t get excited about this, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, Aliens was never something that interested me, I hate jump scares, but I can see the appeal. The other is that it’s a mobile game… The issue there is that your trying to cash in on the hardcore fan base in mobile. That just doesn’t work, it won’t work for Diablo, it’s not going to work here.

Anyway, the gameplay looks like 5 nights at Fredy’s, because… reasons. It’s as much as you can expect, turn on or off lights and power, ect. We’ll probably see micro-transactions because it’s not working for main stream games, surprise there, I could have told them that. When you look at games with pay as a service, it only works for mobile games, because casuals will spend a lot of money on one or two games. The problem is, if that game is a reskin of something stupid, it just doesn’t work.

Anyway, that’s my take on this, I didn’t want to make a big article on it, just thought I’d snip this guy in. What do you guys think? Is this something you were waiting for or were extremely disappointed over.

I Am Not Going to Talk About IGN



I am not going to talk about IGN regarding the plagiarism that is Filip Miucin… (though it’s normally spelled Philip, I know I shouldn’t mention that, it just bothers me, and is it Mucin? Miu-sen? I get it this coming from a misspelled weasel, its not my fault weasels can’t spell. ANYWAY) For those of you who know me, I don’t like the gaming media, and that’s quite the understatement. This article isn’t going to be about IGN, however, because they acted accordingly, they acted swift, conducted an investigation, and with overwhelming evidence, fired Filip Mucin over plagiarism. Which… Fuck it, good on IGN, for what little I’m sure this is worth, I’m going to praise them for their reaction to this situation. Surprised? Me fucking too! I’m used to the media defending their writers, tarnishing their reputation, and hiding behind the ‘your harassing us’ narrative, that’s just so prevalent in SJW media… I mean video game media now a days, I really don’t know what to do in this situation… I’m actually confused?!?! So yeah… I hope this is a trend, and I hope this continues, I really do, cause if it does, I may start liking and more importantly, trusting, video game media again… I KNOW, RIGHT?!? ME!!! HAVE YOU MET ME!?!?!

No, this is going to talk about Filip Miucin, and what a horrible little Ditto this guy is. (video game’s, he’s a plagiarist… Ditto is a pokemon that can copy every pokemon… get it? … Sigh) You see Filip decided it was a good idea to copy Boomstick gaming, a youtuber who wrote a review on a game called Dead Cells. It was pretty much cut and paste review of the game, a few words were flipped around, but it was a repeat of what Boomstick was saying in a regurgitated form. Of course Boomstick then proceeded to make a video of how Filip (he called out IGN) plagiarized him and sent this whole thing in motion. IGN first pulled the video down pending an investigation, which led to Filip being fired.

So, end of story, all done, everything is wrapped up in a neat little package, right? Right? … No, see Filip decided it was a good idea to say the dumbest thing I never thought the average person would say in the history of stupid, ‘You can keep looking Kotaku and let me know if you find anything.’ It was in response to Jason Schreier claiming, Miucin’s FIFA18 video had copied it from Nintendo Life. WELL… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Screamed the internet, and holy shit there was a fuck ton of stuff uncovered. I won’t go into a lot of details, but you can see a short list below of the findings. This then prompted IGN to remove all of his videos. Again, I would like to send well deserved praise to IGN for going above and beyond to maintain your standard of reviews.

(NOTE I’ve taken this list from Sid Alpha, video link down below)

  • Nintendo Switch HD Rumble Explaned: From Cartho
  • Fire Emblem Warriors: From Nintendo Wire
  • Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games of E3 2017: From The Iris

A face not even a mother could love.

(SHORT NOTE2: Going through IGN’s list, the only things that weren’t removed from Filip Miucin was his collaborations that he’s done with other writers. Everything else was nuked from orbit though. IGN’s short statement also confirmed that they had ‘parted ways with Filip Miucin’ and I’m going to drop that video link down below for all to see as well.)

Now, we get to the part of my two cents… and yeah… here it is. (awkward part cause now I gots to be a dick.) You see, when the leaked game journo’s pro emails got out, the response wasn’t this. It should have been this, it should have been, okay a few of you journalists, your fired, a few of you are suspended, ect. ect. No, the response was gamers are dead, gamers don’t have to be your audience. (technically the Gamers are dead articles came before, but the point still stands, journalists and gaming media websites had… and still have in many cases, contempt for their audience.) That contempt… doesn’t endear you too us, it doesn’t prove that your ready to fix your shit. What IGN did, DOES prove that they are working toward an ethical standard, which I praise. I will say IGN wasn’t a main focus of Gamer Gate, though it did have some issues with several journalists as they’ve been mentioned on Colin Moriarty, Matt Casamassina, and Jose Ortega to name a few, most minor non-disclosing stuff, but still, it’s there: but I digress, this isn’t an issue of what IGN has done in the past, but what IGN is currently doing in the present.

If Kotaku, Polygon, Gamasutra, ect, fixed their issues instead of attacking their readers, Gamer Gate would not be a thing. would not be watching you 24/7 365, the watch dog group wouldn’t be around. Publishers like Bethesda, EA, ect wouldn’t be blacklisting you and it wouldn’t be backed by gamers. Having a high ethical standard, actually works in the media’s favor, more than anyone knows. Which is a shame, because I wouldn’t have to be here on TGGD explaining this, it’s common fucking sense. If Jason Scheier had fired Nathan Grayson or at the very least had him issue a formal apology, if the crap that was uncovered wasn’t tried to be concealed, if collusion wasn’t a four letter word in gaming media, I can honestly say, a consumer revolt wouldn’t happen. That’s my two cents, maybe use that to better yourselves, video games, and it’s media, deserves better ethic’s. Journalists needs to be held to a higher standard, and again I praise IGN for their work in this matter.

Final note: I GET THAT THE TITLE IS IRONIC, THATS THE JOKE! nope, done *slams door* *hears footsteps*


Why Games Journalism is Regurgitation Journalism

One perspective, that’s what games journalism has devolved into… A repeat on what other sites are saying, and if you dare have a different article or opinion on the matters at hand, you probably will be cast out. Now, this article is more of an… open letter to one Danny O’ Dwyer, but it should go to games media as well. This is something that I think needs to be addressed more than anything else, and I’m not here to change hearts or minds at this point, I think I’ve burned way too many bridges on that, but for me, that’s okay. My goal was never to befriend games media, but to be as harsh as I can to them, to be their most hated critic, or at least one of them. I had to, because I can’t treat people who have contempt for their audience to think it’s a good thing to attack your audience and get away with it. The, ‘we were harassed, so it’s okay to attack them’ is the dumbest argument anyone can have, if anything, it’s made the situation of these journalists, far worse. It’s something… I don’t think anyone understands about me, or my blogs, I need to remind you people (journalists), that gamers are pissed, and rolling them over the coals constantly, doesn’t endear you to us, it just makes you a dick. I guess, in an inelegant way, that’s the best way I can say this.

Regurgitating the same tired lines, the same views, the same opinion, on sites that SHOULD BE COMPETING FOR VIEWS, it just screams collusion. You have contempt for us gamers, that much is clear, but if that’s the prevailing view, why are you still in games journalism? If you hate us so much, if you have such a retched view of the average gamer, then why write about this hobby if you’ve lost respect for the people your writing to. Why give two shits about the people you hate? There are other journalist jobs out there, go, find one, it’s a large market out there, you don’t have to settle on games journalism, because clearly it seems the lot of you do.

Now we go on to Danny O’ Dwyer, I must have really gotten under your skin in my last article when I decided to say sorry I’m not sorry that journalists were harassed. Not only has he blocked me (don’t care) he came out with a video weakly defending the press, going so far as to say it’s not liberal views, it’s a mass of differing opinions. The problem? He didn’t offer one single spec of evidence to back up his claim, which… isn’t that what a journalist is supposed to do? Back up their claim? Instead, Danny, my whole point is and will always be, if you repeat what your competitors say, you haven’t learned from GamerGate. So, let’s do a quick search on google for your diverse views on a random topic, let’s just say regarding Jessica Price. I picked this partly due to a youtube video (link below) from LegacyKilla, and partly because it’s the most recent debacle of games media. I say debacle, because… really, you can’t be more repetitive.


You want me to find more than three? Cause I can.

The point is, Danny, and any journalist out there, you have only proved gamers right when you make articles like these. So, let me be perfectly clear, the games media not only is overly liberal, it is on an extreme which is not welcome in gaming. We don’t care about your political views, because it has very little, if anything to do with video games. A hobby should not be political, but it’s the times we live, where everything needs to have this pc crap injected. Gamers have, and will always be, anti political, it’s why you label us as ‘haters’, as evil harassers. Yet, you can’t come to terms that, maybe, just maybe, you guys done fucked up, are still fucking up. However, I’ve been wrong before, so prove me wrong Danny. Let me see the wide diversity, let me see an article that isn’t trashing a developer because of their conservative views for once. Let me see developers that aren’t scared of you, or feel that are forced to change their games to fit your ‘progressive’ values. Let me see one single article that doesn’t defend a women, minority, LGBTQect dev’s regardless of how they done fucked up. Sadly, that’s what we see, and games journalism, like it or not Danny, is the bully, gamers are sick and tired of it. It’s why I said, and still say, I don’t care if you or your friends are harassed. Gamers have been journalists punching bag for too long, and now you guy’s cry foul when we hit back. Sorry, but we’re tired of this narrative, it doesn’t have the effect it had four years ago.

Anyway, I’m glad you read my previous article, (assuming) even if you hated it, but that’s the problem, you can’t agree to disagree and move on. No, we’ve got to double back, circle the wagons, and fight against the big bad gamers, well… tough love is coming here, because if you don’t like the way this industry is treating you, you don’t have to stay, no one is forcing you. If your being harassed day in and day out and are absolutely tired of it, you know, because your claiming it constantly, than your either a masochist, a liar, or an idiot, pick one. And for the love of all that is good and holy, start supporting your claims, otherwise, people like me will poke holes at the narrative that ‘games journalism is diverse.’ Which, at this point, let me say again, lets agree to disagree on that one, because I can pretty much pick a large majority of topics that blow battleship sized holes in that one mate. That’s my two cents, I’d give it to you, but you’ve blocked me because you can’t stand to hear people like me give you the tough love that is desperately needed against the liberal propaganda machine… Sorry, I mean to say, games journalism.


OH, and one final thought, I’m not going to apologize, I won’t defend harassment, but clearly if this is all games journalism is clinging to, then have fun on that sinking ship. Anyone who say’s I support harassment can fuck off into the sun, no don’t send Danny hate mail on my behalf, that’s never been the point of TGGD. The point is to try and move journalism away from issues that gamers clearly don’t give two tin shits over. The point is to try, for what little hope I have, to actually save games journalism, but honestly, at this point, I really do think its a lost cause. If people like Danny, Jason Schreier or anyone in games journalism for that matter, can’t see what tools they are to Social Justice Warriors, then Rest in Peace Games Media, I’d like to say I’ll miss you… but the way you’re acting, I don’t think I’d shed a tear when your finally gone.

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Why Forbes can Go Fuck Itself

So one Fruzsina Eordogh at Forbes thought, fuck it, let’s make the firing of two toxic developers (Jessica Price and Peter Fries) about a dead commenter that can no longer defend himself. (John Bain AKA Totalbiscuit) Never mind the fact, that the two people, Jessica and Peter, went after customers in a hostile way. Never mind the fact that the people they attacked were actually giving reasonable critique of their work, no… it’s all social injustice and how John Bain legitimized  GamerGate even though that was never a fucking thing. He didn’t even join the group, instead, he talked about the issue of ethics in gaming journalism. John has been tackling  this issue even before GamerGate, his fight has and will always be the lack of ethics in our gaming press.

This is article, (a trashy Forbes hit piece, link below) is clearly why people have a problem with the news media today, instead of covering journalistic integrity, the media went after people who had an issue with said media. Instead of looking into possible FTC rules broken with FEZ and the IDGF, the media focused on harassment. Instead of looking into the whistle blower in EA and how it had close tie’s to Kotaku, gamers were labeled as misogynists. Instead of looking into collusion and reporting on several bigger stories, all gamers were declared ‘DEAD’ all at the same time, even going so far as to prove said collusion. So, you’d think, MAYBE, just maybe Forbes, or The New York Times, or the Washington Post may… I don’t know… Look into these BIGGER stories. Instead, we get stories about how one Total Biscuit was ‘duped’ into joining GamerGate. Or how it’s an injustice when two developers attack their very own customers, are now fired. It’s this very reason why the Left is becoming more toxic, and it’s this very reason why Forbes and others like them are in trouble.


White male privilege? So Forbes apparently hires writers who are both racist and sexist. This is another reason why people hate the news media.

It’s like watching a dumb creature trapped in the corner lash out without logic or reason. It’s clear I don’t have respect for people like Fruzsina Eordogh, when you categorize anyone as ‘white, or male’ your being dismissive of the argument at hand. Your saying, all gamers are X, and your arguments have no merit because your X. I’m fucking sick and tired of it, I’m fucking sick and tired of being told because I’m white and male so I have no valid opinion, and I’m fucking sick and tired of it coming from the trashiest media sites I’ve ever seen. I have no respect for the news media because the news media has no respect for me and people who have a different opinion. GamerGate isn’t about harassment, those who make it out to be, are not only liars, they also don’t want you to know the truth behind the movement. It’s easy to see why too, Journalistic integrity is now at the forefront of the conversation. This is no longer about video game journalists anymore, it’s about journalism in general. If you dig, just a little bit you’ll find that some of these journalists (not saying Fruzsina is a part of this group, nor am I implying) are a part of a larger left wing group that are trying to force a narrative within media. If you even looked into Gamergate, you’ll understand that we were fighting against a group known as Game’s Journo’s Pro, which is similar, because it was forcing a narrative in this industry as well. WHICH AGAIN, FUCKING BIGGER STORY THAN, ‘oh those gamers are harassers.’

‘No’, say’s Forbes and every media site out there, ‘we’re not the bad guys, after all, we’re on the right side of history, now ignore every story that says the contrary.’ I’m obviously writing this in a sarcastic tone. I’m not being sarcastic when I say that not only did GamerGate succeed, despite the media’s best efforts, we set up an anti harassment group, we saved a charity to get more women into game’s media, (one of which Zoe Quinn used her followers to try and destroy but thats a different story, which again the news media will lie about through omission) and we even started to list the games journalists and their infractions because the media wouldn’t do it, we’ve basically become a watch dog group now. These are things the media doesn’t want you to know, because this destroy’s everything they’ve been saying about us.

All I have to say is, I’m proud to have something, even small and insignificant as it is, to be a part of this group. Journalistic integrity is something worth fighting for, and we need more people like John Bain, the world is a lot more empty for the loss of such a great man. One final thought, Bain wasn’t in GamerGate, he was fighting for ethics in journalism, if anyone wants to keep vilifying him, go after me, or the hundreds of gamers out there still fighting your bullshit. John is dead and gone, he wasn’t Hitler, stop trying to make him out to be, he did his best to make the world better, by making journalists live by a higher standard of ethics. He’s done far more in his short life than Fruzsina Eordogh who likes to write hit pieces about the dead. That’s my two cents, you know where you can firmly stick it.



Mundane Matt’s piece on Left Wing Media Cabal Exposed


Fruzsina Eordogh shite piece

The Great Harassment Or We Screwed You, We don’t Deserve Your Hate.

So, I came across a tweet that… definitely crossed a nerve, and of course I have to talk about why the Gaming Media is not off the hook and will never be off the hook until they own up and shut up. See, the thing is, I’ve had it up to here with journalists crying harassment like they shouldn’t receive any kind of punishment or be forced to pay for their trespasses. After all, the bible says, do not trespass upon those who trespass on you.

Well, I’m not Jesus, so fudge on that.

The problem is Journalists, got some quote, ‘harassment’. Though, it seem’s their okay defending Anita Sarkeesian when she harasses other people. See Polygons latest attack on Sargon of Akkad when Anita yelled at him for sitting at her panel quietly. (how dare Sargon try and be polite at her own panel) Other issue is, ETHICS are not something the gaming media cares about. If it were, people like Danny O’Dywer would explain why 50K accounts were hacked from Electronic Arts and Kotaku, didn’t report on it, we had to hear it from a whistle blower. How about when FEZ had possible FTC rules broken when people who voted for the game at IGF were journalists who were heavily invested financially in the game. I could go on and on and on, the list is longer than I have the patents for, you need only look at for the long list of journalists who, STILL HAVE JOBS mind you.


Well, I’m sorry but I’m not sorry, you don’t get a pass when you people got to keep your jobs after all the damage you’ve done.

Yes, you heard it correctly, these hacks still have jobs, nothing happened to them. *Slaps hand* Don’t do it again, until they do this shit again and again. How many times are gamers going to be burned? How many times are we going to put up with it until enough is enough? How many people have to be screwed until we finally realize this isn’t our media anymore. These people should not represent us, yet they do and it harms our industry when they make these stupid click baity articles, and don’t even have the balls to admit their in bed with the subject matter.

The whole crux of the matter is this, as a journalist you received harassment from your own corruption… I’ll say that again, as a journalist, you received harassment from your own corruption. As much as I’m against harassment, I’m going to be the bastard here and say I’m sorry but I’m not sorry. I’m just fucking sick and tired of it, the majority of the gaming media are not innocent.  If they received harassment because of their own corruption three years ago, but you still have your jobs, cry me a fucking river. You people knew what you did was wrong, but you still did it and are now crying foul. ‘Well we don’t deserve this’ defense doesn’t work when you screwed millions of gamers who, at the time, didn’t deserve what you did to them. The worst part is, none of you are sorry for what you did are are still doing to gamers. None of you have owned up to your own personal failings, and carry on trying to make gamers the bad guys. You circle the wagons, protecting your own, hiding behind, ‘We were harassed so it’s okay for what we did.’ So… fuck you.

That’s my two cents, bury it in your arse for all I care.

What Fallout 76 IS NOT

So I watched E3 hoping the great Tod Howard, who seems to be part David Hasselhoff and part Sponge Bob, would assuage my fears about Fallout 76. Yet, getting off the hype train a day latter, I realized there was a lot NOT said in Fallout 76. First and foremost, there was no mention of 4 important things that are normally key to Fallout. Also noting something Tod Howard himself said: ‘100% of the population is player based.’


  1. No NPC’s Shown.

– This wouldn’t be an issue in a standard Fallout game, but this is Fallout 76, you know… the game with the fear this will be the next big Rust Clone with a Fallout skin? Yeah, I would have liked to have been shown some NPC’s that weren’t Mr. Handy’s. Maybe even been shown a quick quest line. Instead… nothing, not a peep, which brings me to number two on our list.

2. No Quest Givers Shown.

– So, your wandering around the wasteland hoping to find a quest giver, or a nearby town or something. And… there’s no one, nothing, the world is empty. (that’s what was shown anyway) Which means, there really isn’t much for you to do then, you just go to point A, to point B, and… nothing. Well then… whats the point? I really hate how games are just going to this, multiplayer aspect of games and completely ignoring whats fun. The RPG aspect of the Fallout series is an essential piece, to give it up, which Tod Howard seems to want, makes this game fail as a Fallout game. Even if it is fun, it’s not Fallout, you can’t stand there and tell me otherwise.

3. No Party Members

– This is a small issue for me, but it’s still an issue. If you don’t have party members in the solo game, then… why not? If this game is built for multiple people playing, then why not have a party member helping you out. Again, this wasn’t shown, and it’s another disappointment for what Fallout is becoming. Why make Fallout money when you can make GTA money. I’m just so sick of this bullshit.

4. No VATS

– A single player campaign should still have this in some form or  another, why? Because not only is it core to the Fallout series, it was a really cool feature to have. I can’t remember how many times VATS saved my bacon, but if the shooting is tight, then I won’t complain too much, though if it’s based on a skill, you still need VATS then. Otherwise your bullets will just fly off in other directions, regardless of whether or not your pointing at the target.


Anyway, I doubt I’ll be preording this title, if my fears are unjustified, then I’ll update this article post haste. Though… I don’t think I will, I fear that these will not be in Fallout 76, and… I don’t know… I just think I’m done with buying games from Bethesda then. This is due to the fact that the next Elder Scrolls may very well be exactly like Fallout 76. Keep in mind, I’m not boycotting the company, they just don’t have anything left that will appeal to me. I am not a fan of multi player games, never have been, and pushing a Rust Clone with a Fallout skin will not make me all giddy. That’s just my two cents on this big let down, I’ll probably use it to buy the new Cyberpunk game that’s coming out.

The Gamer Press OR The Next Jack Thompson

Seriously, what is with the gaming press now a days. It use to be a united front from gamers and it’s press attacking those that would harm, limit, or censor in any and every way possible, our games. Now, it seems, everyone from Ben Kufuckerson, to Nathan Gofuckeryourself Grayson, can’t get enough of becoming the next Jack Thompson. I’m not even kidding, go see for yourselves, with titles like ‘Steams Irresponsible Hands Off Policy is Proof That Valve Hasn’t Learned it’s Lesson’, or ‘Steams New Policy Gives up on Responsibility.’ If these two titles sound familiar, it’s because one comes from Polygon and the other from Kotaku. Odd, isn’t it, that two different media company’s that should be competing for views, have the same stance and similar titles… Almost as if the collusion never ended… In any event, two sites don’t make the whole, but I can assure you, it’s far more than two.


Sometimes, there just aren’t enough wells to throw these people in.

Still, I digress, the media would have you think that their ideals are the only ideals that are the right ones to hold. Censorship is the true course of action in their minds, it’s the only way they can protect our tender sensibilities. They want to scrub Steam and any other outlet there is and make safe spaces everywhere. To that I say RUBBISH! You don’t get to dictate what people can and can’t buy, and how dare you presume such.

I think we all know full well, there is no one out there with that capacity to do so, no one can force you to buy a piece of media you don’t want. No one can force you to play a video game you don’t want to. No one can make you do something to force you against your very free will, to do something you don’t want. To those who think this is a good idea to censor something they disagree with, do me a favor, fuck off. Your not the gaming press, the gaming press is officially dead. Yeah, I said it, the gaming media is dead if they think it’s a good idea to censor a game they find offensive. You don’t represent us gamers, you don’t speak for us, and how dare you presume that much. You are shite salesmen who think your gods in this industry but in reality, your small minded people with small ideals. You pretend to support the gaming industry, while harboring ill towards it, that is not the gaming press I use to know. Your numbers are falling, so you resort to click bait to get some attention, well here it is, feel good about yourselves?

It’s no surprise that I hate what the media has become, if there is any shred of decency left in these media sites, I’d beg them to reconsider, but I know better. Their goal is to become the next Jack Thompson, they want to be the ones to tell you what you can buy, and shun anything that’s against their values or political views. Which I can say, are screwed up beyond measure, the views they champion are censorship, their shield, victim-hood and being perpetually offended. The political leanings are that of a whiny SJW craving for power. I’ve said it before in this article, I’ll say it again, if your in the gaming media and you side with censorship then gaming media is dead, you don’t speak for us, don’t presume you do. How dare you even think that, and by the way, that offends me, maybe we should use your very logic to silence you next? That is my two cents, to that I will use to pay for a hearty fuck you gaming media, someone needed to say it.